Opera, old Town, Nice

Opera, old Town, Nice, Cote D'Azur Virtual Tour.

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Guide and Virtual Tour of Cote D'Azur: Opera, old Town, Nice.
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photograph of Opera, old Town, NiceThe historic Opera building in the Old Town of Nice is beautiful, both on the inside and the outside.

Its programme includes opera, ballet and concerts and is thought to be one of the best venues in France for classical music. In fact second only to Paris. The building itself is quite small and richly decorated - a real treat for the eyes and a fabulous place to visit in its own right. We didn't see a performance while we were there, unfortunately, but we were reliably informed that the accoustics were excellent - although the visibility can be less than perfect, as can be expected in an old building.

A visit to the opera could be the high point of your trip to Nice!

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Map of Cote D'Azur showing the location of Opera, old Town, Nice at Latitude 43.69583 / Longitude 7.27244.
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